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On-line Email / Contact person Paid  Location
Katie Andrews Burr Found   Kate Karsten-Malina will keep her
Libby Andrews Found   Kate Karsten-Malina will keep her
Jim Angus Deceased
Gary Arthur Found    GCA1952(at)    Pacheo, CA
Pat Arlotta Found        Bloomingburg, NY
Julie Babich Keating Found FaceBook  jbk15(AT)  Paid  
Barbara Banks Fisher Found FaceBook  barbara(AT)    Fort Collins,Colorado
Dave Baxter Found    david_j_baxter(AT)    Phoenix,AZ
Donna Belofski Benjamin Found  FaceBook  whb1094(AT)  Paid  Newburgh, NY
Joan Bernard Garcia Found  FaceBook
 Paid  Oceanside, CA
Barry Blake Found    Sue Vaughn-Warms will keep
him updated.
 Paid  Middletown, NY
Freddie Brett Martucci Deceased        
Nancy Briggs Talarico Found FaceBook  n6253singer(AT) Paid  New Hampton, NY
Gary Brola Found FaceBook
Art was not able to get
additional info however,
another message was sent to
Gary on Facebook - no reply

Las Vegas, NV 
Bob Bruce Missing    
Trudy Bruce Missing    
Vinnie Bubolo Found  FaceBook  vinnie.bubolo(AT)  Paid  Stewart, Florida
Tom Buckman Deceased        
Bill Chantrell Found    chantrell(AT)  Paid  Niantic, CT
John Christian Found   jc8171(AT)  Paid  Pine Bush, NY
Nancy Collins Meeks Found FaceBook meeksn(AT)
Verona, VA
Jeanie Crispell Butryn Found FaceBook jbutryn2000(AT) Paid
Goshen, NY
Joe Croce Found    
 Walker Valley, NY
Chris Cunningham Found

   Florence, South Carolina
Jane Czerniawski Lael Found  FaceBook  ajcm71z(AT)  Paid  Albuquerque, NM
Jeff Decker Found    Barb Banks-Fisher will keep
him updated.
Susan Decker Missing   .    
Terry DeGrote MacDonald Missing  
   Last known -Kerhonkson, NY
Joe DeJong Found FaceBook joe_dejong(AT) Paid

Montgomery,  NY

Ray Depew Found   depew28(AT) son will forward    Bloomingburg, NY
Dario Diaz Found FaceBook  dario_diaz(at) Paid
 Clyde, NC 28721
Cheryl Dickinson-Spadola Found FaceBook  cherylspadola(AT)    Lanesdale, PA
Tina Distefano-LoRubbio Found FaceBook  tlorubbio(AT)  Paid  Pine Bush, NY
845-744-3950 (H)
Jim Dolaway Found        Napanoch, NY 12458
Marion Dolaway Deceased     Link to Obituary    Last known -Middletown, NY
Cyndi Dorey Benjamin Found  FaceBook  greenmom44(AT)    Mt Vision, NY
Barbara Doyle Francis Found  Facebook  volvo_b(AT)  Paid  Georgia
Ed Doviak Found??
Pam Chiaramonti is trying to get info

Sullivan County???
Marg Drymond-Brower Found   margbrower(AT) Paid  Dumfries, Va
Johanna DuBois Levine Found  FaceBook  johanna_levine(AT) Paid
 Travelers Rest, SC
Joe  Edmunds Found
 Fri BBQ  Pine Bush, NY 
Betty Eignor Howad Found FaceBook
 rsdee35(AT)   Groton, NY
Irene Fischer-Stover Found FaceBook stoverirene11(AT) Paid  Middletown, NY
Marguerite Fontana Missing
Cindi French-Cox Found    

 Middletown NY
Sharon Fuller-Snyder Found    sfsshopr(AT)   Fri bbq  Milford, Pa
Bruno Gailis Deceased                
Karen Gelosi
Found    hair10963(AT)    Sparrowbush, NY
Jean Gihr Dolan Found  FaceBook  ja.dolan(AT)  Paid  Walden, NY
Dennis Grecco Deceased
  Link to Obituary
Kathy Griffin Found    Her brother John will keep her
updated. So we have to make
sure we keep him updated.
   Albany, NY
Jim Grossi Found    grossijk(AT)    Pine Bush, NY
Margaret Grosso Found    asarina1953(AT) PAID  Middletown, NY
Paul Hall Found        Cortland, NY
Penny Henning-Hanson Missing  
Jill Hepper Missing    
Robert Hesse Deceased    
Steve Hill Found
  shihanjd at yahoo dot com
Fawn Hornbeck-Tantillo Found  FaceBook  tantillo(AT)    New Paltz, NY
Barbara Howard-Tierney Found  FaceBook  barbarajtierney(AT)  Paid  Lake Carmel, NY
Linda Huggins Keller Found    lindakellerfnp(AT)  Paid  New Hampton, NY
Sharon Irving-Marcantonio Found    
 Paid  New Windsor
Sandy Irwin-Ryan Found  FaceBook  lighthouse195343(AT)  Paid  Tavern, NY
Valerie Jameson Missing  
   Last known -Middletown, NY
Cathy Jenks-Tornone Found  FaceBook  ctornone(AT)    Maryland
Jan Joly-Hopkins Found    
Bonnie Jones-Kowalewski Found  FaceBook  bonniekowalewski(AT)  Paid   Montgomery, NY
Kate Karsten Malina  Found     KKmalina(AT)  Paid Thompson Ridge, NY
Sue Keir  Found  
 Fri BQQ Pine Bush
Martin Kellner Found
Roaring River, NC
Barbara Kempf O'Brien Found FaceBook  ob2athome(AT)    Patchogue, NY
Vicki Ketcham-Edwards Found  FaceBook dovedwards(AT)
 Paid  Unionville, NY
Maryann King Missing    
Ed LaForge Found  FaceBook  need email or snail mail
   Pine Bush, NY
George LaMonica Found    popandsue2(AT)  Paid  Grahamsville, NY
Earl Leischner Found    ohmurphy(AT)    Middletown, NY
Glenn Malamus Deceased        
Jack McGuigan Found        Middletown, NY
Jo Ann McHutchison- Hawthorne Missing
Jim Mc Intyre Found  FaceBook  jmcintyre(AT)  Paid Summitville, NY
Bill McKenney Found  FaceBook  wjmckenney(AT)  Paid Middletown, NY
Leo Mansheffer Found  FaceBook  lmansheffer(AT)    New Jersey
Marilyn Marshall Missing    
  Anderson, SC
Cheryl Miller Missing    
  Last known - Nashville, TN
Norman Miller Deceased    Link to obituary    
Debbie Minard Beck Missing     
  Last known - Myrtle Beach, VA
David Minto Found
  Benton, PA 17814
Rich Morgenthaler Found
cyanks21(AT)  Paid  Pine Bush, NY
Gary Moronio Found
Denny Morrissey Found    Donna getting additional info   Bloomingburg, NY
Blake Muthig Found   Email Nancy Briggs Talarico n6253singer(AT) It will then be forwarded Blake.  Paid   Middletown, NY
Linda Neumann Fairweather Found  FaceBook  lindafairweather(AT)    Springfield, MO
Tom Novak Found FaceBook  tom.novak0902(AT)  Paid  Cambridge, MA
Jim Padavano Found   jimandsue73(AT)
   Phoenix, AZ
Joanne Parr Reinitz Found Classmates  joannereinitz(AT)  Paid East Stroudsburg, Pa
Bill Pastormerlo  Found    wpastormerlo(AT)    Bloomingburg, NY
Darby Penney Found FaceBook  darby(AT)      Albany, NY
Lynn Pirog-Veety Found  FaceBook  mveety(AT)  Paid  Matthews, NC 
Pam Pitt Missing         
    Last known,Castlebury,FL  
Claudia Pittenger Krolick Found    Kate Karsten-Malina left her a
message and is waiting for a call
   Last known -Warwarsing, NY
Charlie Plocharczyk Found        Bloomingburg, NY
Debbie Ploof  Found    Kate Karsten-Malina will keep her
   Last known -Bloomingburg, NY
Larry Poharski Found     Can contact him thru his sister
   Last known -Bloomingburg, NY
Barbara Poharski- Terwilliger Found   Facebook    Middletown, NY
Deborah Pondi-Lucca Found     Sue Vaughn-Warms will keep
her updated.
  Pine Bush,NY
Mariann Rahn Erickson  Found    firstlightmre(AT) Paid
 Salem, NY
Mark Read Found   Barb Banks-Fisher and/or Jim
McIntyre will keep him
   Bow, NH
Maureen Rigney-DiMicelli Found  FaceBook  moedimi(AT)  Paid  Pine Bush, NY
Frank Roettger Deceased  
Nick Russo Found    ljrusso(AT)  Paid  Thomasville, NC
Jo Ann Salyer Woodruff Deceased        
Cryl Sanderson Missing  
Gail Sasfai Browning Found  FaceBook gale.browning(AT)  Paid   Phoenix, AZ
Townsend Skip Scantlebury Deceased 

Diane Schwarting Sudol Found  FaceBook  dianesudol(AT)  Paid  Cortland, NY
Bernie Scott Deceased        
Cheryl Shaw Valdebenito Found  FaceBook CherylV.personal(AT)
St. Petersburg, Florida
Pam Sheeley Cossa Found    seneca(AT)  Paid  Walden, NY
Dale Shumanski Found    dshumanski(AT)  Fri bbq  Manhattan, NY
Patti Simmons Found    pdsimm(AT)
 Paid  Roslindale,, MA
Rusty Smith Found Classmates  Blake Muthig will get in touch
with him to get info
  Last known Cornwall-on-
Hudson, NY Sent message via Classmates
Mark Spadola Found    
   Walker Valley, NY
Lorie Stap Roeser Found    lrroeser(AT)  Paid  Annapolis, MD
Sandy Syverson Deceased        
Madeline Telefus-Denman Found  FaceBook madeline(AT)  Paid  Sussex, NJ
Jenifer Thompson-Brennan Found
 jenibrennan45(AT)   Milton, PA

Charlie Tremper Deceased        
Chris VanDerMeulen Found FaceBook
 JVanDerMeulen1(AT) or
   North Carolina 
Dorothy VanHouten- Fassbender Found  FaceBook  davhf(AT)  Paid   Rhode Island
Debbie VanOrden-Glaum Found  Facebook  debbieglaum(AT)    Sarasota, FL
Susan Vaughan-Warms Found   FaceBook  suevw382(AT) Paid  Pine Bush,NY
Bruna Weiss Found
Betty Whaley Found FaceBook  autumngoldens(AT)
 Brooksville FL
Carol Widmann-Schultz Found    CES122053(AT)  Paid    Stone Ridge, NY
Darlene Williams  Found    darwilliams1971(AT)    Montana
Vicki Wronka Kelly Found
 No email - Tina will keep her
 Paid  Pine Bush,NY
Violet Yoeman Found       Pine Bush, NY
Russell Youngs Found  FaceBook  
 Paid  Campbell, NY
Corinne Zobrinsky Missing  
Ken Zwickel Found
    Toms River New Jersey
Grade School Classmates

Grade School Classmates

Al Lee Deceased

Beverly Vandermark Deceased

Denise Flugal Missing

Ed Eignor Found

Eileen Henry Missing

Gary Page Missing

Jerry Arpells Missing

Joe Chiaramonti Found

Paid Middletown
Judy Shuart Missing

Lorna Carroll Missing

Margie Haney Missing

Mike Vetter Missing

Rose Brown Missing

William Bishop Missing

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